“RG+A provides superior value on both large and small projects.  They have an uncanny ability to convert research results into a story I can use to educate and drive commercial decisions.”

Business Development Consultant, former CEO, client since 1999

“RG+A has delivered significant value for me as a senior research executive for the last 13 years. Their emphasis on results and action enables them to provide strategic sustainable solutions that differentiate my products in the market. Their emphasis on guidance also ensures that their solutions can be implemented tactically.  Their practice of hiring individuals who combine critical thinking skills, depth in problem solve, and high EQ makes them easy to work with on even the most complex challenges.”

Vice President, Marketing Research, client since 2001

This (Health Payer Council) site has become so much more than I expected when I joined 2 1/2 years ago.  At least once a week, I reference a comment from HPC in my discussions with colleagues.

Medical Director, member of Health Payer Council since April, 2012