Simulated Prescribing


DPS®/conjoint combines the behavioral realism and analytical power of DPS® with conjoint’s ability to measure the relative impact of different variables and performance levels on market behavior. This tool is particularly useful in designing late-stage clinical trials and forecasting share and revenue for products or indications that have yet to come to market.

Forecasting DPS®

Whether you are evaluating an acquisition, predicting the success of a new indication, or estimating the potential of a new market, RG+A’s innovative healthcare industry forecasting methods are designed to provide you with reliable insights – even in the face of uncertainty. With flexible tools such as RG+A’s pioneering Dynamic Practice Simulation®, you can have confidence in the outcome, no matter what the circumstances.

Landscape DPS®

DPS® Landscape defines market topology and opportunities to plan entrance or new actions of a product. Providing a broad view of how markets will evolve over a 5-7 year window as new products enter, older products lose exclusivity and/or agents fighting for billions of dollars seek niches and advantages through new clinical trials.

Qualitative DPS®

Qualitative DPS® links the behavioral rigor of DPS® to an in-depth exploration of the rationale for treating each patient. It provides the greatest benefit in ultra-orphan markets and for landscape assessment during early-stage development.

Positioning DPS®

DPS® Positioning identifies value drivers derived from predicting individual prescribing events and uses them to build a positioning structure or to compare and contrast messages.

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