Iterative On-Line Qualitative Methods


Co-creation is an increasingly common way to enroll multiple stakeholders in building solutions to complex issues.

At RG+A, we have added the wrinkle of bringing anonymized Managed Markets stakeholders into collaboration with several different corporate stakeholders (commercial, regulatory, HEOR, medical) with executives in Managed Markets organizations. Clients use this method to address complex methods, or to help groups that do not usually interact with payers to see the world through this customer class’s point of view.

Qualitative Conjoint

Qualitative Conjoint enables our clients to conduct trade-off exercises even when the available sample is not sufficient for quantitative research. Statistical techniques such as bootstrapping increase the precision of the conjoint estimates, and such a study even enables our clients to identify segments within the sample.

Small Sample Analytics

Small Sample Analytics are useful for studies lack the time, budget, or sample to conduct large scale quantitative research, we have developed a series of small sample tools that provide quality and speed on a budget.

Wisdom of the Crowds

Forecasting the impact of market events – whether estimating new product share, predicting payer coverage, or quantifying a competitive threat – is critical to your brand’s success. With reduced budgets, tighter timelines, and smaller sample sizes, how can you produce the most accurate forecasts with as much precision as possible? RG+A’s Wisdom of Crowds approach speaks directly to this need.

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