At RG+A, we are committed to providing better solutions to complex and evolving healthcare challenges. We have been recognized by clients and competitors alike as a highly innovative marketing research and modeling consultancy since 1997.  Over these years, our three key assets have remained an evolving team of intelligent, insight-driven Associates, our array of leading-edge marketing research tools, and techniques and strategic smarts, honed by well over a hundred years of professional experience.

Our people

Our commitment colors every proposal we write, every project we execute, every recommendation we make, and, most importantly, every person we choose to hire. Our Associates are creative and practical problem solvers, with an unrelenting passion to do better and a willingness to take any challenge. We share commitment to our colleagues, our clients, and our community. We stress having the courage to fail and the confidence to recover. Finally, we hire people who are open, honest, friendly, and who like people. Collectively, this mix provides us with the willingness to try new things, combined with a dogged determination to do everything right. This culture leads us to innovate continuously and execute research with passion and bite. One client says of us:

“All good agencies do the big things right. You work harder than any agency I know to do the small things right.”

Our View of Research

Today’s healthcare world combines spiraling complexity, increasing competition, and razor-thin margins. Clients who could once afford to trade off between speed, value, and insight now demand all three all the time. Even more, most key business issues incorporate diverse, often competing needs of multiple stakeholders into a single strategy and path forward.

We thrive on these kinds of challenges. We take a systems approach to marketing research that allows us to understand every meaningful customer interaction by using unique tools and metrics to identify the stakeholder’s influence on the larger picture. This approach uncovers the pivotal points that will have the greatest impact on your brand’s success—and at each of these points, it will define the audience, the messages, and any secondary effects of the proposed actions.

When your needs are simpler, we have solutions to match. For studies that lack the time, budget, or sample to conduct large scale quantitative research, we have developed a series of small sample tools that provide quality and speed on a budget. When you need an honest representation of how payers will respond to a commercial or political issue, our Health Payer Council provides 100+ executives who will provide timely, accurate, in-depth feedback.

If this focus appeals to you, hire us.  Work with us.  Join us.