Data Visualization Part 1: What is it, why is it important, and how does it apply to market research?

RG+A Market Research Data Visualization

Welcome to Part 1 of our series on data visualization! Follow along as we journey through the world of turning data into easy to understand images.

Though it is painful to admit, we know that our projects are not the only thing our clients have to manage.  From emails to dashboards and data-driven business insights, the amount of data that exists has increased (exponentially over time), and so has the amount of data that everyone must manage daily.

Data Vis 1
(ref: A Very Short History Of Big Data)

With the massive influx of information, there is less time available to spend with individual data, to analyze and distill it into meaningful information.  As a business insights partner, it is critical for RG+A to add value by helping our clients get to the meaningful insights quickly, correctly, and clearly.  We want to help our clients share these insights within their organizations, and to that end we must ensure that our final deliverables communicate the essential points, even when we are not present to speak for the results.

RG+A recognizes this growing need for distilling and communicating insight.  One tool we use to support these goals is data visualization – displaying the information we collect and analyze such that it directly aids your ability to make a decision.  Good “data viz” decreases the amount of time clients required to work with our data, makes the results accessible, and helps them make better decisions, faster.  Ultimately, the success of data visualization is measured by its ability to show data to anyone in the company – from senior executives to product reps – and have them grasp what they are seeing without further explanation.

data vis 2


data vis 3


RG+A’s ability to quickly build slides that generate insight (such as those above) stems from our recognition of the importance of data visualization and development of a framework that requires our reports to incorporate data communication goals.  While we make the case that data visualization is a key component in insight communication for market research (and therefore, important to our consultative business model), the steps in our approach can be generalized and implemented any time communication of data is necessary.

In the subsequent parts of this blog series, we’ll explore the framework that makes up RG+A’s approach to data viz.  Topics will include:

What tips do you have for making data visualization impactful?  What challenges have you encountered?

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