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Healthcare products marketing research is more challenging today than ever. High-stakes decisions require better answers and stronger guidance, but budgets are crunched, timelines keep contracting, and client side researchers find themselves with more to do and less support. RG+A knows the importance of getting the right results quickly and cost-effectively, and then providing guidance on how to convert these results into commercial action.

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Managed Care’s Perspective: Best Practices in Payer-Manufacturer Relationships

March 23, 2015
Sheraton Philadelphia University City Hotel, Phila. PA
Session Time: 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

During this session we will:

  • Identify drivers and barriers to successful relationships between managed care and manufacturers of oncology agents
  • Explore evolving approaches to managing high-cost oncologics as costs of agents rise and combination therapies become more the norm
  • Pinpoint the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors that drive successful plan-manufacturer relationships
  • Learn why payers believe that their favorite companies, brands, and account teams provide superior value

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Featured Methodologies

Working with Small Sample Sizes

RG+A has sample design methods and estimating processes designed specifically to meet the challenges associated with small sample sizes.

RG+A Suites

RG+A's combination of small sample methods, advanced qualitative techniques and modeling tools provides a toolkit of services designed to meet your major challenges throughout the product life cycle.

  • Payer Suite

    Payer research presents challenges in recruiting a high-quality sample that responds honestly instead of "gaming" answers and can provide detailed insight into contract negotiations and other complex commercial processes. Health Payer Council's "safe", double-anonymized environment produces unmatched levels of candor and depth unmatched in a research environment designed to capitalize on our small sample methods, advanced qualitative techniques and modeling tools.

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  • Orphan Suite

    These techniques address specific challenges in researching orphan and ultra-orphan medicines. Small sample sizes make conventional quantitative research methods extremely challenging, particularly given the fast turnarounds as well as the diffuse, passionate and unique stakeholders . RG+A's combination of small sample methods, multi-stage techniques, and modeling tools provides a unique toolkit of services for these situations.

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  • Oncological Suite

    Oncology marketing research presents specific critical challenges. Patients' unique paths of disease progression, coupled with the use of standard multi-drug regimens, lead to faulty aggregate demand estimates. Small sample sizes combine with fast, high-stakes decisions to require speedy, precise designs. RG+A's prescription-based analytics, future market simulation, and small sample tools provides a unique toolkit of services throughout the product life cycle.

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