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Healthcare products marketing research is more challenging today than ever. High-stakes decisions require better answers and stronger guidance, but budgets are crunched, timelines keep contracting, and client side researchers find themselves with more to do and less support. RG+A knows the importance of getting the right results quickly and cost-effectively, and then providing guidance on how to convert these results into commercial action.

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Pharma Market Research Conference

Historically, healthcare stakeholders have viewed treatment guidelines as one path to assuring consistent application of high-quality healthcare. In theory, utilizing guidelines guarantees excellent care and a positive cost-benefit profile. In practice, it has never been this simple. Development and enforcement of appropriate guidelines have always presented significant challenges to healthcare systems and insurers. Over the past year, the issues has become more challenging, as an explosion of specialty drug spending has made it impossible for health systems to afford therapies that might prove cost-beneficial in the long run.

Against this background, the application of guidelines has become increasingly controversial and inconsistent. Some professional societies have begun to promulgate cost-sensitive guidelines. At the same time, some insurers claim that they will create or support guidelines that focus even more strongly on cost management in specialty pharmaceuticals. In this session, Dr. Kritzler and Mr. Green will report on a series of on-line bulletin boards conducted with payers nationwide that address changing perspectives and use regarding guidelines, and a study evaluating current utilization trends. Also, they will discuss how developments in HCV and multi-specialty agent regimens in oncology and hematology are reshaping how health plans monitor and manage these categories.

Doing More with Less: Utilizing Small Sample Analytics to Get the Most Out of Your Research Budget
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
9:00 – 10:45 AM
Roger Green, President and CEO, RG+A
Bruce Duncan, Ph.D., Chief Marketing Scientist, RG+A
Kyle Martin, Associate Director, Research, RG+A

Good Guidelines, Bad Guidelines: Why, When, and How Payers Decide to Adopt or Ignore Guidelines in Setting Formularies and Utilization Management Policies
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
3:00 – 3:30pm, TRACK C
Roger Green, President and CEO, RG+A
Robert Kritzler, M.D., Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Care Management, Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC

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Working with Small Sample Sizes

RG+A has sample design methods and estimating processes designed specifically to meet the challenges associated with small sample sizes.

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RG+A's combination of small sample methods, advanced qualitative techniques and modeling tools provides a toolkit of services designed to meet your major challenges throughout the product life cycle.

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    Payer research presents challenges in recruiting a high-quality sample that responds honestly instead of "gaming" answers and can provide detailed insight into contract negotiations and other complex commercial processes. Health Payer Council's "safe", double-anonymized environment produces unmatched levels of candor and depth unmatched in a research environment designed to capitalize on our small sample methods, advanced qualitative techniques and modeling tools.

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    These techniques address specific challenges in researching orphan and ultra-orphan medicines. Small sample sizes make conventional quantitative research methods extremely challenging, particularly given the fast turnarounds as well as the diffuse, passionate and unique stakeholders . RG+A's combination of small sample methods, multi-stage techniques, and modeling tools provides a unique toolkit of services for these situations.

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  • Oncological Suite

    Oncology marketing research presents specific critical challenges. Patients' unique paths of disease progression, coupled with the use of standard multi-drug regimens, lead to faulty aggregate demand estimates. Small sample sizes combine with fast, high-stakes decisions to require speedy, precise designs. RG+A's prescription-based analytics, future market simulation, and small sample tools provides a unique toolkit of services throughout the product life cycle.

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