At RG+A, we have earned a reputation as an innovative provider of insights-based consulting for healthcare product commercialization. We have partnered with a range of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies to support strategic decision making related to pricing optimization, product valuation, contracting strategy development, endpoint design and value positioning, and demand forecasting. In the late 1990s, we developed Dynamic Practice Simulation® (DPS®), the industry’s first major patient-simulating quantitative research system. Since that time, we have expanded our methods to include leading-edge qualitative, quantitative, and modeling methods. By combining practical focus, superior methodology, and tireless commitment to our core principles, RG+A competes consistently and successfully with the largest research firms in healthcare marketing research and consulting.

Global Research Experience

We have conducted primary research in a multitude of markets around the world.

Including: United States • Canada • France • Germany • Italy • Spain • United Kingdom • Australia • New Zealand • Brazil • Mexico • Greece • Chile • Argentina • and more

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