RG+A at PMRC: Putting Patients at the Heart of your Physician Research

PMRC 2018: Pre-Conference Workshop
9:30-11:00 AM
February 13, 2018 

Tim Deckman, Ph.D.Vice President and Chief Marketing Scientist, RG+A
Ellen J. Gordon, Ph.D.Senior Vice President and Head of Research, RG+A

This workshop will focus on the importance and impact that patients have on driving physician treatment decisions.

In this workshop attendees will be challenged to think differently about how research might be constructed and executed if patients, rather than physicians, are the center of focus.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

1. Creating a set of detail-rich patients that makes results more generalizable and allows for greater flexibility of analyses
2. The use of secondary data and big data to inform the creation of patients
3. How and why to create tailored patients to test research hypotheses
4. Building patients to inform drivers of use
5. How and why conducting analyses at the patient level can increase statistical precision
6. Patient-based approaches to analyzing sequences of therapy

Attendees will engage in break-out activities throughout the course of the workshop which will focus on:

1. Which business questions could be better answered with a patient-based approach?
2. Which types of marketing research studies are most appropriate for a patient-based approach?
3. What considerations should researchers keep in mind when developing patients?
4. How to best determine the most important patient characteristics at the time of physician prescribing?
5. How might a patient-based approach to research improve final deliverables?

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