RG+A discontinues corporate Facebook account due to recent data management disclosures

Following recent news regarding Facebook’s data misuse and confirmed FTC investigation, RG+A will shut down its company Facebook page as of 5:00p EDT today

RG+A (Roger Green + Associates, Inc.), a healthcare marketing research and modeling firm based in New Hope, PA, announced that it will discontinue its corporate Facebook page as of Monday, March 26.

“All of us who work in the marketing profession today adhere to codes of conduct and other guidelines from our professional organizations that lead us to behave ethically and be open and honest in all our dealings,” said Roger Green, President/CEO of RG+A. “Two critical policies at the foundation of everything we do are that we hold client data sacred and inviolate and that we act transparently in revealing business sources and how we use the data we collect. This is particularly critical on Facebook, which we use to recruit and contact prospective employees, individuals who might incur consequences if their information fell into the wrong hands.”

“Facebook’s lack of transparency about use and collection of data clashes with our values and creates practical concerns in protecting individuals’ data. As a result, we are shutting down the company’s Facebook page as of 5:00p EDT today. We will maintain active presence on other social media networks as long as they appear to act in a manner consistent with our corporate commitments and values.”

About RG+A

RG+A is a marketing research and business intelligence consultancy based in New Hope, PA. With nearly 25 years of proven experience applying unique and creative methods to solve complex problems, RG+A has earned a reputation as an innovator in primary research and consulting for the healthcare industry, advising pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies on pricing, market valuation, and strategy formulation.

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