Measuring Customer Experience: Unlocking the Key to Building Robust Relationships

Track A

3:00 – 3:35 PM
February 3, 2016 

Timothy Deckman, Ph.D.
Associate Methodologist

Laure Park
Vice President Customer Experience
Quest Diagnostics

As the entire healthcare product marketing enterprise increases in complexity, the need to evaluate customer experience grows in importance. That noted, healthcare markets present unique challenges to marketers and researchers seeking to benchmark and improve customer experience across stakeholder groups.

In this session, Ms. Park will discuss some of the commercial imperatives that led Quest to make improvement and tracking of customer experience and Mr. Martin will describe some of the methodological and practical challenges that RG+A faced when creating a set of marketing research tools and studies to support Quest’s efforts. In the process, the two will address issues such as identifying the proper study design and core measures, challenges inherent in tying customer experience to financial metrics in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment, and how companies looking to upgrade their customer experience activities might proceed to do so in a systematic way.

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