Qualitative-to-Modeling® (QTM®)

Your company has an important decision, you have little time to find answers and there are significant gaps in the information available. Qualitative-to-Modeling® (QTM®) – our small sample technique for qualitative modeling  – was developed specifically for your situation.

RG+A will take the information you have available, identify the gaps and conduct a series of qualitative interviews to provide answers. We then integrate all of the information in a Monte Carlo model that estimates the numbers you need, provides probabilities of hitting key decision thresholds and identifies the factors that will contribute most to success or failure. The results are summarized in a presentation that provides the quantitative answers you need with the qualitative insight to help decision makers understand and accept the results.

QTM® projects can be completed in 10 to 20 business days. Our clients have used QTM® for a range of challenges, including commercial licensing decisions, pricing decisions and development decisions for orphan drugs.