Payer Scope

Payer Scope provides a fast, in-depth view of how payers think about a key issue. This small sample method begins with a set of telephone depth interviews that provide an initial sense of individuals’ knowledge, beliefs, and actions. From there, participants engage in a multi-stage web exercise designed to determine issues on which respondents agree and others on which opinions vary. It ends with an estimating exercise that provides inputs for forecasts and probability models.

The entire design promotes higher quality research. Respondent anonymity promotes candor. The co-creation method generates greater depth of insight as participants interact. Our estimating exercise incorporate state-of-the-art small sample “quali-quant” approaches.

Clients have described our “Scope” process combining the efficiencies of on-line research with the real-time access and responsiveness of a focus group. You can read all the web and estimating exercises in real time and suggest questions, probes, or new directions to the moderator.

Typical Payer Scope projects require two weeks to complete. Clients use them for issues ranging responses from current events to formulary decisions or innovations in plan structures.