Health Payer Insights (HPI)

Sometimes it is critical to know how payers feel about a breaking or critical event or topic — fast.  Health Payer Insights, a service RG+A offers through Health Payer Council, allows you to explore a specific issue with a group of Managed Markets executives quickly and in detail.

We start by posting an article, synopsis, or brief position paper that targets an on-line discussion on the exact issue you need to study.  Over a seven-day period, 20-30 HPC members post two sets of responses to the issue. You can follow the daily conversation and use what you learn on the first round of questions to help frame the second round.

HPI deliverables can range from a five-slide outline to a full report. In you wish, RG+A can support an HPI study with a telephone or in-person presentation.

Clients use HPI to gauge responses to news stories or market developments, or to provide answers to urgent queries from senior management.