Health Payer Council® (HPC®)

The online community that Managed Market executives call “Home”

There are few more critical groups for strategic Marketing Research in the US than Medical and Pharmacy Directors in Managed Markets companies. Whether you are designing clinical trials, forecasting, positioning, or setting contract strategies, payers, PBMs, and ACO/IDNs are pivotal to understanding market needs.

Payer research is fraught with challenges. The target population is small and executives in this population are saturated with opportunities. When you can find respondents, an array of biases, heuristics, and hidden goals lead to inaccurate answers and flawed analyses.

RG+A designed HPC to address the joint challenges of sample and accuracy. HPC is an exclusive, proprietary Marketing Research Online Community comprised of Medical and Pharmacy Directors from over 100 Managed Markets organizations across the country. Members are decision makers, with 90% sitting on P&T, Medical Benefits and/or technical assessment committees. Each member is double-anonymous; neither you nor other HPC members know fostering an environment of transparency and veracity.

“At least once a week, I reference things I learn in HPC in workplace conversations with my colleagues.”
— Medical Director covering Commercial and Medicaid lives, National Plan

Since RG+A opened HPC in April, 2012, we have overseen several hundred research projects, surveys, “quick polls”, and member-initiated dialogues. We conduct a wide range of research, often combining several methodologies in a single study. Final results can be delivered in as little as 10 days, depending on the research design.

“The fast turnaround and depth of conversation make HPC a unique research tool. I will use it again, and often.”
— Managed Markets MR Manager

HPC is the platform for some of our pivotal methodologies:

Also, we conduct contract simulation exercise, mock P&T committees and a variety pricing study formats.