Co-creation is an increasingly common way to enroll multiple stakeholders in building solutions to complex issues. At RG+A, we have added the wrinkle of bringing anonymized stakeholders into the process.

Our typical multi-stakeholder concept co-creation process includes several different corporate stakeholders (commercial, regulatory, HEOR, medical) with executives in Managed Markets organizations. Withholding identities of the Managed Markets executives from our client and each other sets them free to explore innovative concepts and strategies without committing themselves or their organizations publicly. Withholding the identity of our client company similarly sets them free to explore ideas without committing themselves to a key customer segment.

The process typically includes 4-5 rounds of research, which can be telephone depth interviews, whole-group bulletin boards, or small-group exercises involving a cluster of participants with similar perspectives. At the end of each round, we confer with the client team to develop a joint assessment of what we have learned and align on the next round of research. Client team members can read every bulletin board and small-group exercises in real time and suggest questions, probes, or new directions to the moderator.

Clients have used RG+A co-creations processes to design total clinical programs and to determine how to achieve build unique relationships with key customer classes.