Payer Suite

Marketing research and forecasting tools to support your compound from Phase I to loss of exclusivity

Payer research presents several unique challenges:

  • Small sample sizes, which make conventional quantitative research methods extremely challenging to execute
  • Skeptical stakeholders, most of whom do not trust product manufacturers and many of whom see marketing research explicitly as an opportunity to affect future negotiations
  • Pivotal impact of contract negotiations, which are notably difficult to research effectively

Health Payer Council® (HPC®) provides a “safe”, double-anonymized environment for payers to participate in Marketing Research with a level of candor unmatched in other research environments. Also,  RG+A’s combination of small sample methods, advanced qualitative techniques and modeling tools provides a toolkit of services designed to meet your major challenges throughout the product life cycle.

  • PV Scope: PVScope relies on iteration and respondent dialogue to maximize the insights provided by small samples. Our clients use PV Scope to deeply explore key access issues (including product assessments) in less than three weeks.
  • Contract Simulation®: Developing a contracting strategy that will maximize access for your product can be critical to its success. Contract Simulation informs both an optimal contracting strategy and an optimal negotiation strategy by simulating contract negotiations with managed care directors, informing a contracting strategy that maximizes access without leaving money on the table.
  • Co-creation: Our clients often need to develop programs (HEOR, value-adds, etc.) and trials that they can be confident will be accepted by payers. Our co-creation methods bring together researchers, client representatives and payers to jointly create a program or trial design that is both feasible and acceptable to everyone involved.
  • Health Payer Council®: We take great pride in owning the only Payer Marketing Research Online Community in America. We source and execute our payer research through the HCP, ensuring high quality Pharmacy and Medical Director sample and excellent insights.
  • Payer Value Assessment: Knowing how payers are likely to regard a new product is increasingly critical when making licensing and acquisition decisions. Our proprietary Payer Value Assessment integrates benchmarked measurements, moderator probing and online dialogue between payers to assess potential access for a new compound in just three weeks.
  • Health Payer Insights: Sometimes it is critical to know how payers will feel about an event or topic – fast. Our HPI methodology leverages the Health Payer Council to collect qualitative reactions to a stimulus (profile, article, question, etc.) from 25+ Pharmacy and Medical Directors in only a single week.