From early-stage clinical trial design to later-stage product position and messaging optimization, RG+A’s innovative product development and positioning methods drive actionable insights you need to lay the groundwork for success.

Early in a product’s life cycle – when resources are limited – focus is on maximizing the post-launch value of the resource and incorporating multi-stakeholder viewpoints. RG+A’s small sample techniques are perfect for selecting indications and designing trials, including establishing meaningful endpoints and identifying critical patient segments.

As the product moves closer to launch, the focus shifts to creating a product profile that will resonate with providers and payers alike, determining the true value of patient, physician, and brand drivers, and focusing  investment by understanding win/tie/suffice dynamics. RG+A’s industry-leading Dynamic Practice Simulation can help optimize product positioning and messaging by identifying and analyzing product value drivers, setting brand goals, and determining the impact of messaging on prescribing behavior.

RG+A integrates multi-stakeholder viewpoints and uncovers value drivers through:

  • PV Scope® – Multi-stage qualitative methodology integrating online group discussions and one-on-one, in-depth telephone interviews. PV Scope’s iterative design gets the most out of interviews with any stakeholder group.
  • Dynamic Practice Simulation® (DPS®) – DPS allows for robust, monadic measurement of the impact of messages on prescribing behavior. Value driver analytics identify and determine the value of patient, physician, and brand drivers, and “win/tie/suffice” analyses set brand goals.
  • Health Payer Insights – Exclusive access to payers through RG+A’s Health Payer Council brings a pivotal voice to the design process.