RG+A optimizes your brand’s pricing strategy by synthesizing input from multiple stakeholders throughout the decision chain into a single equation that estimates how the world really works.

Achieving an optimal pricing strategy can make or break a brand. There’s a fine balance to be struck between limiting market access by pricing too high and failing to realize return on investment by pricing too low.

At RG+A, we believe that the key to pricing is understanding the interrelationships among stakeholders in the treatment decision chain and translating them into quantifiable guidance.

Our approach focuses on:

  • Structuring questions to identify behavioral changes in key stakeholders
  • Determining the pricing thresholds of each stakeholder group
  • Correctly identifying the linkages between the stakeholder groups and how those impact pricing
  • Modeling these thresholds and associated dependencies to simulate real-word decision making
Whether your brand is a new market entrant, pursuing a new indication, or facing competitive threat, RG+A can help you drive commercial success.