Market Access

In recent years, market access has grown in power and become increasingly complex in structure. With health systems and managed care organizations continuing pressure to control the cost of patient care as well as the greater emphasis on value-based outcomes, healthcare manufacturers must navigate a challenging landscape of obstacles in order to ensure that their products are made available to patients and reimbursed in as many markets as possible.

Market access issues have tentacles in every other major healthcare decision. Co-payments and co-insurance affect what patients are willing to receive. Formularies, pay-for-performance systems and patient pressure all affect what physicians are willing to prescribe. In most global markets, authorization to come to market is tied to measures of product value and impact on healthcare budgets.
In response to these challenges, RG+A has developed innovative approaches that optimize pricing, reimbursement, and contracting strategies for your pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotechnology product – no matter the phase of development or the geography.

Value Assessment

Quickly value and assign financial metrics to in-house agents or licensing and acquisition opportunities with:

Pricing and Contracting Strategies

Develop and optimize pricing and contracting strategies across markets and stakeholders with:

  • Dynamic Practice Simulation® (DPS) – compare price, practice economics, contracting, and patient out-of-pocket costs
  • DPS Real-time adjudication – test how formulary restrictions and challenges affect individual prescribing decisions in an e-prescribing exercise
  • Contract Simulation® – test multiple strategies in “real” negotiations with key stakeholders

Payer Engagement

Bring the pivotal voice of the payer to the table through: