Business Development and Licensing

When you’re evaluating a business development and licensing (BD&L) opportunity, you need reliable information fast. Traditional market research approaches aren’t designed to move at those speeds.
Recognizing this, RG+A developed a set of approaches that are perfect for delivering reliable decision inputs on a timeline that matches the pace of your business. Our innovative approaches maximize timeline, budget, and reliability to get to the right information, fast.

RG+A supports BD&L by:

  • Assessing a product’s value to predict potential for success
  • Engaging key stakeholder groups for candid input on future product uses and usage
  • Evaluating the competitive landscape for potential threats to product success

RG+A’s BD&L Toolkit

  • Qualitative-to-Modeling – Fast-turnaround qualitative interviews combined with a probability model to estimate product success.
  • Qualitative Conjoint – Depth of qualitative interviews paired with a trade-off exercise to understand drivers of success.
  • PV Scope – Rapid, iterative engagement with your key stakeholders to generate insights and predict product receptivity.