Whether you are evaluating an acquisition, predicting the success of a new indication, or estimating the potential of a new market, RG+A’s innovative healthcare industry forecasting methods are designed to provide you with reliable insights – even in the face of uncertainty.

Strategic Risk Modeling

To help our clients truly understand the impact an event or system will have on their franchises and markets, RG+A has developed a standardized set of impact models reflecting market flows and conditions that affect different disease categories and sometimes specific diseases.

Market Access

In response to the myriad challenges of market access, RG+A has developed innovative approaches that optimize pricing, reimbursement, and contracting strategies for your pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotechnology product – no matter the phase of development or the geography.


RG+A optimizes your brand’s pricing strategy by synthesizing input from multiple stakeholders throughout the decision chain into a single equation that estimates how the world really works.

Product Development & Positioning

From early-stage clinical trial design to later-stage product position and messaging optimization, RG+A’s innovative product development and positioning methods drive actionable insights you need to lay the groundwork for success.