Current Job Openings

  • Research Analyst Intern

    The Research Analyst Intern is a learning-focused, entry-level position designed for individuals considering a career in marketing, marketing research and/or healthcare. The Research Analyst Intern works with project teams to learn about and support marketing research projects that provide strategic insight and value for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.

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  • Research Manager

    The Research Manager is a mid-level position for those with at least three (3) years of healthcare market research experience. The Research Manager plays a key role in leading research projects that provide strategic insight and value for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. The ideal candidate will have a proven ability to work effectively within a team environment, leveraging strong internal and external communications skills, and managing market research projects to successful, on-time completion.

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The people we hire

Our Associates are creative, practical problem solvers with an unrelenting passion for innovation and taking on new challenges. At RG+A, we value people who have the courage to fail and the confidence to recover.

Associates who thrive at RG+A are open, honest, and friendly. They like people and work well collectively.

At RG+A, we share a commitment to our colleagues, clients and community. These values foster a supportive environment in which we are willing to create and test new products and methodologies while remaining doggedly determined to produce outstanding answers and insights that drive better commercial decisions. We innovate continuously and execute research with passion and impact.

As one client has said of RG+A, “All good agencies do the big things right. You work harder than any agency I know to do the small things right.”